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Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Pricing

Google Cloud’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a powerful solution allowing businesses to create an isolated virtual private network. With Google Cloud VPC, companies can enjoy secure connectivity and complete control over their network environment. However, it is essential to understand the costs associated with using Google Cloud VPC. In this article, we’ll explore Google Cloud VPC pricing in detail and provide critical insights to help you understand its costs.

Components of Google Cloud VPC Pricing:

Reserved IP Addresses:
When you create a Google Cloud VPC, you can reserve IP addresses for your network. Reserved IP addresses are billed based on the number of reserved IP addresses and the reservation duration.

Incoming Network Traffic:
Inbound network traffic to your VPC from other regions or other Google Cloud service providers is free.

Outgoing Network Traffic:
Network traffic from your VPC to other regions or Google Cloud service providers is charged based on the amount of data transferred and part- and provider-specific rates.

Transfer of Data between Zones:
Data transfer between zones within the same region of your VPC is usually free. However, charges may apply for data transfer between zones in different areas.

Network interconnection:
Additional charges may apply depending on connection type and speed if you use Dedicated Connections or VPNs to interconnect your Google Cloud VPC with other networks.

Security and Management Features:
Google Cloud offers various security and management features for VPCs, such as Cloud Armor, Cloud NAT, and Network Telemetry. Some of these services may be billed separately based on usage.

It is important to note that Google Cloud VPC pricing and pricing components are subject to change and may vary by region and specific services.

For detailed information on current Google Cloud VPC pricing, it is recommended that you consult the official Google Cloud documentation and use the cost calculator to estimate costs specific to your usage.

Google Cloud VPC provides secure connectivity and complete control over your cloud network environment. Understanding the pricing components and costs associated with using Google Cloud VPC is critical. Reserved IP addresses, inbound and outbound network traffic, cross-zone data transfer, network interconnection, and security and management features can impact Google VPC costs. Cloud. By using the resources provided by Google Cloud, such as the documentation and costing tool, you can effectively estimate and manage your costs of using Google Cloud VPC and reap the full benefits it offers. to your business.